Metal Detection

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The equipment most commonly used by the process industry for the final inspection of goods. A metal detector consists of the detection head (or coil) and electronic control equipment that interprets signals sent from the detection head. Detectors can be supplied with reject mechanisms that will remove the contaminated item from the process line (i.e. conveyor belt or pipeline etc.)


GFR Dual – Gravity Free Fall

TMD – Conveyor System

TMDL – Conveyor System

TMDR – Conveyor System

TMDS – Conveyor System

GFR4000 – Gravity Free Fall

GFR5000 – Gravity Free Fall

GFR6000 – Gravity Free Fall

GFR8000 – Gravity Free Fall

GFR Vario – Gravity Free Fall

PC4000 – Pneumatic Conveyor

PC Primus – Pneumatic Conveyor